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Painted Easter Eggs

The whole family will love making these vibrant painted Easter eggs. For this Easter egg painting project, simply find several colors of washable tempera paint and ½-inch-wide flat paintbrushes, then go wild with designs!

Jewel Easter Eggs

Colorful rows of faux gemstones transform this Easter egg painting idea into a runway-inspired decoration. To make, paint papier-mâché eggs and let dry. Press with preassembled self-adhesive jewel sheets, such as self-stick gems.

Tattoo Easter Eggs

Think outside the box while decorating your Easter eggs this year. Temporary tattoos stick to eggs just like they would to your skin. With a steady hand, use a damp sponge to press and hold the image on the eggshell for 30 seconds.

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Source: 35 Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs | Better Homes & Gardens (bhg.com)

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