Nostradamus predicted war in Europe, refugees and a dictator’s demise in 2022

Predictions by the French prophet Nostradamus

Did you know that the French astrologer Nostradamus predicted a European war with many refugees, attacks on a city, and the fall of the European Union? People who studied and interpreted his writings believe that these predictions apply to 2022.

Nostradamus lived from 1503 to 1566 and wrote approximately 6,338 prophecies. He even claimed to know how and when the world would come to an end! Of course, his writings were rarely specific, which makes them open to a lot of different interpretations. Critics even say that people can read into his words whatever they want to read.

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Nostradamus predicted war in Europe

The following interpretations of his prophecies for 2022 were circulated at the beginning of the year – before anything was known about the Russian attack on Ukraine. Read on to see what Nostradamus predicted according to his interpreters.


Some of his interpreters claim that Nostradamus predicted the arrival of many more refugees by 2022. They say he calculated that, this year, seven times as many migrants would reach Europe’s borders as in the previous year.

Death of a dictator

According to some prophecy interpreters, Nostradamus predicted the death of a dictator. They think he was referring to North Korea’s Kim-Jong Un.

Earthquake in Japan

Another prediction is that a major earthquake will hit Japan in 2022.

Terrifying predictions

He allegedly foresaw the Great Fire of London, Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the horrors of World War II, the French Revolution and even the creation of the atomic bomb.

But can these predictions really be trusted?

Of course, we are unable to ask Nostradamus whether his ambiguous texts were actually pointing towards these concrete events. The prophecies will always remain a point of interpretation and discussion.

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