Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Has Some Pretty Genius Advice for a Strong, Toned Core

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1) Get into planking

To challenge her, Jennifer’s trainer Leyon Azubuike told Women’s Health that he has Jen do plank flow, where she starts in a standard plank, then moves to a side plank, then moves to plank with shoulder taps, and so forth.

2) Think outside the sit-ups

Jennifer loves doing V-ups and using an ab wheel, Azubuike told Women’s Health. “We’ll use a sit-up to shock the body occasionally, but it’s not a major part of our core regimen,” he said.

3) Don’t rush your workouts if you have the time

Jen doesn’t pop in and out of the gym—she spends up to an hour and a half working out during each exercise session, Azubuike told Women’s Health.

4) Be flexible with your workouts

Everybody has someplace they need to be, and Jennifer is no exception. Azubuike told Women’s Health that he uses a training technique called “periodization” with Jen, which adjusts things based on her schedule. “Depending on where we are in that cycle dictates the duration and intensity of Jen’s workout,” he says.

“If I know Jen isn’t filming anything, it’s a different phase than if I know she has something coming up tomorrow. If she’s going to be walking up to receive an award, I’m not going to destroy her legs in the gym the day before.”

5) Read up on intermittent fasting

“I do intermittent fasting, so no food in the morning,” Jennifer told UK outlet Radio Times. “I noticed a big difference in going without solid food for 16 hours.”

6) Find time to sweat, no excuses

Sometimes Jen will work out in the middle of the night when she’s shooting. “She has to respond when I say go,” Azubuike told Women’s Health. “If she has a shoot at 3 a.m. and we need to work out before that, let’s go…we respect each other in that regard, so it’s a constant back and forth with mutual respect and understanding.”

7) Find your beast mode once in a while

Azubuike made it clear to Women’s Health that he doesn’t go easy on his famous client. “She definitely should be commended, because when I get into go-mode, I’m in go-mode,” he said.

8) Eat nutrient-rich foods

Azubuike told Women’s Health that he’s big on his clients (including Jennifer) eating nutrient-rich foods, like mix of healthy carbs, protein, leafy greens, and bright, colorful veggies.

9) Get. Some. Sleep.

You won’t find Jen up at the crack of dawn. She told Radio Times that she usually wakes up at 9 a.m.

10) Try resistance bands

They factor big-time into Jen’s workouts. “We box, we jump rope, we do strength training, we do a lot of work with resistance bands—we’re big on resistance bands,” Azubuike told Women’s Health.

11) Mix up your workouts

Azubuike told Women’s Health that he’s constantly rotating Jen’s workouts. “It’s always hard, she’s consistently being challenged—I’m a big fan of switching things up, so the body reacts in a positive way and changes,” he said.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Trainer Has Some Pretty Genius Advice for a Strong, Toned Core (

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