20 Trendy Ideas For Designing Your Perfect Patio

Patios are all about expanding your living space to take advantage of the outdoors. With spring almost here, this is the time to start designing your perfect patio. Creating a patio doesn’t require a celebrity-sized budget. Here are 20 ideas to help you get started. Designer Lisa Moody recommended you start by thinking about how you want the space to function. Plan your space around what’s most important to you, she suggested. 

Do you want a place to put up your feet and relax, a place to cook and enjoy meals, or maybe a meditation spot? If you’re working from home, why not take it outside? Think about how far away you want to walk from your house. If your patio is a “destination” spot, you may want to get as far away as possible. Or, it makes more sense for you to set up your patio attached to your house or close to it. Once you’ve made a plan, it’s time to have fun putting it all together.

Identify Your Focal Point

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What is it that draws you outside? When you’re sitting on your patio do you want to gaze out at a particular view, watch the sunset or stare into the firepit? Don’t worry if your backyard doesn’t have a focal point, these ideas can help you create a backdrop and a focal point for your patio.

Identify Your Design Style

Patios can reflect your home’s decor or give you a chance to try something completely different. Your patio is an extra living space for a few months or most of the year. Choose the design elements that make a space that you’ll want to use as much as possible. 

It’s All About The Base

Your patio base creates a vibe and provides a surface for your furniture. There are options for every style and budget from simple pea gravel to wood or decking materials, and pavers. Whatever you choose, consider how it will feel to walk on, how furniture settles on it, and how much maintenance is needed.

Add Comfortable Seating

Seating options range from simple chairs and tables to loungers, couches, or benches. Seating helps create the atmosphere you want to enjoy whether it’s stretched out for a nap or leaning back to gaze at the nighttime stars. If you want to add some movement, consider an outdoor rocking chair, hammock or glider.

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