This Popular Alcohol Is Being Pulled from Shelves Across the U.S.

Whether you’re planning a party or simply stocking up your at-home bar cart, alcohol is often a shopping list staple. The sale of beer, wine, and liquor has only increased since the pandemic started, with liquor store sales having climbed nearly 11 percent in almost every state, per CNN. But if you’ve gotten used to picking up a bottle of your go-to booze during grocery trips, you could be in for disappointment in the coming weeks. One popular type of alcohol is becoming harder to find in the U.S. as it’s being pulled from store shelves. Read on to find out what liquor has been banned in several states.

Some U.S. governors are ordering liquor stores to stop selling Russian vodka.

If you’re a vodka fan, you might have limited options soon. The governors of several U.S. states have just ordered government-run liquor stores to pull Russian-made vodka and other distilled spirits, Reuters reported on Feb. 27. According to the news outlet, this call has come as a show of solidarity for Ukrainian people amid the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. Some of the Russian-based vodka brands being sold in the U.S. include Russian Standard and Green Mark, CNN reported.

At least four states have issued orders to ban the sale of alcohol from Russia.

Some of the states that have put a concrete ban on Russian alcohol so far include New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

The U.S. doesn’t actually import much vodka from Russia.

These protests are mostly just symbolic and unlikely to have any meaningful effect—especially when it comes to you finding vodka at your local liquor stores. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, only 1.2 percent of the country’s vodka imports actually came from Russia in the first half of 2021.

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