This is the pet that lives the longest

#1. Turtle

– Average lifespan: 40+ years (varies by species)

Turtles such as red-eared sliders and painted turtles live for several decades, especially when they have proper heat sources and light. One reason for their long lives is their slow metabolism, which means they suffer fewer diseases and age more slowly. One study found that genes in a western painted turtle worked to protect its organs from oxygen deprivation, potentially providing a clue as to why they live longer than most other creatures

Other Pets:

#2. Koi fish

– Average lifespan: 15 years (40 years in Japan)

#3. Cockatoo (tie)

– Average lifespan: 30+ years

#3. African grey parrot (tie)

– Average lifespan: 30+ years

#3. Macaw (tie)

– Average lifespan: 30+ years

#7. Snake

– Average lifespan: 10-20 years (varies by species)

#8. Indoor cat

– Average lifespan: 17+ years

#9. Lhasa Apso

– Average lifespan: 16 years

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