The Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe

Conspiracy theories are not a new concept, but they’ve taken on a new life thanks to the internet. In 2020, we saw more than our fair share of misinformation online—some rooted in historical details, others in fear. Here, we’re taking a look at the craziest theories people have believed over the years, from an Earth within Earth to Prince Charles living as a closeted vampire.

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The moon landing was fake.

The flag moving in the wind, no stars in the sky whatsoever, the misaligned shadows—these have all been points made in the conspiracy theory that Neil Armstrong didn’t take the first “leap for mankind” on the moon in 1969. For years, conspiracists have argued that NASA staged the landing and that the secret has been protected by the CIA ever since.

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COVID-19 was engineered by the media.

Some people think that the virus is a hoax that was engineered by the media and global elite to control the population. While a die-hard believer likely won’t believe us (a.k.a. the media), we’re just going to emphasize right here and right now that COVID-19 is very much a real and deadly virus.

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Earth has been sucked into a black hole.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is at the heart of a lot of crazy conspiracy theories, including people who believe that when CERN discovered the Higgs Boson in 2012, they inadvertently created a black hole and Earth was sucked into it. These people think that the world ended in 2012, but we haven’t realized it yet.

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