Landscaping Ideas for Small Front Yards

A small home with manicured bushes and flowers.

With small front yards, creative landscaping can have a big impact. There’s nothing like bringing in colorful plants and flowers to add to the overall quaintness of your front lawn.

  • Use small shrubs, bulbs or annuals in containers by your front door, in hanging baskets on your porch or in window boxes. For best results, fill the planters and baskets with a quality potting soil. The potted plants will add color and interest at different levels.
  • Think about proportion and look for plants that match the scale of your house and yard. 
  • If your small yard doesn’t feel private, grow ornamental grass, flowering plants and shrubs of different heights. Use some evergreens so your yard won’t be completely exposed in the fall and winter. 
  • Grow vertically. Train vining or climbing plants on fences or on trellises close to, but not touching, your house. 
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Author: Dennis Hickey

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