Joanna Gaines Says She “Was Pouring Out Without Being Poured Into” in New Essay

Not one to shy away from being honest and open with fans, interior designer/television host Joanna Gaines recently penned an intimate essay for the spring issue of Magnolia Journal. In the essay, she spoke on her past desire to find a “renewed perspective” and obtain balance in her life.

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Last year, Joanna Gaines looked to books, gardening and other hobbies to achieve balance in her life. “I found myself in this place late last year. Unbalanced by how much I was pouring out without being poured into in the ways I really needed,” Gaines wrote in her essay, People reports. “I was learning that a well that’s only ever knee-deep can’t outlast a drought and that I had to figure out what it was that would pull me out of the grind and give me renewed perspective.”

In her quest to find balance, the Fixer Upper: Welcome Home host sought out to do the things that were meaningful to her.

“I considered what I ‘m already drawn to, what I already know wakes me up and brings me life — nature, the garden, being in my kitchen, and the peace that meets me there — and I leaned in…For weeks, I pored over books, threw my hands into the soil, and filled every surfaces of the house with jars for canning just about anything,” she explained.

While her family may have thought her new-found hobbies were a bit peculiar, Gaines says it was the first time she “felt full, truly full” in a long time.

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