Get Started on Your Front Yard

Consider the following front yard landscaping tips. 

  • Grow a variety of ornamental grasses, shrubs and flowers so you’ll have interesting colors and textures all year long. Use plants of different heights, but don’t put large-growing plants in front of windows. 
  • Try a garden design that spaces plants as shown on their tags, so they won’t become crowded. 
  • To save money, start a flower bed from seeds, or divide existing perennials and replant them around your yard.
  • Look for deals on healthy shrubs, plants and garden flowers that may be marked down near the end of the growing season. Be aware that they’ll probably need more care than those planted during the season.
  • Choose evergreens as foundation plants, rather than deciduous shrubs, so your landscape won’t look bare when the leaves drop. 
  • If you have pine trees, use the acidic pine straw as mulch in an island or garden bed of acid-loving plants. This could include azaleas, camellias, gardenias and ferns. If you’re planting underneath the pines, be sure your plants get enough light, since the trees will create some shade. 
  • As needed, trim the shrubs you’re going to keep.
  • When bulbs or perennials finish blooming, tuck pots of fresh annuals around them.
  • Plant medium or large trees 30 to 50 feet away from the house, and small trees 15 feet away, so growing roots won’t damage your home’s foundation.
  • Connect shrubs, trees, flowers or foliage plants in a border topped with chipped bark or other mulch.

Tip: Roots can penetrate tiny gaps in underground pipes and cause major damage. Know exactly where your electric, phone, cable and gas lines are located before planting. Call your local utility companies before you dig.

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Author: Dennis Hickey

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