Always Avoid These Things At the Grocery Store

When you go to the grocery store, it’s tempting to drop a little more cash on those little convenient items. Why buy whole apples when you can buy prepackaged sliced fruit? Who wants to make their own salad dressing when it’s already bottled? These things may be cheap and easy time-savers, but consider the larger scheme of things.

There are some items at the store that you should skip buying entirely, whether it’s to save some money, reap the health benefits, or to do your part when it comes to saving the environment. The next time you run to the store and feel tempted to buy some of these things, think twice about putting them in your cart.

Bottled water

Unless you’re dealing with unsafe drinking water, bottled water is an unnecessary expense that can add up quickly. While it’s portable and convenient, it can also cost both you and the environment dearly over time.

Your best bet? Buying a reusable water bottle and keeping it filled with tap water.

Greeting cards

Not only is a grocery store’s selection of greeting cards lacking, but you’re going to be paying upwards of $3 or $4 for even the cheaper brands. It’s best when it comes to picking the perfect card to peruse a department store to pay less and have additional options.

Your prescriptions

It might be far easier to go ahead and pick up your medications while doing your weekly shopping, but grocery stores charge higher premiums for even the most common prescription drugs. If you find you’re routinely paying more out of pocket, you might want to find a dedicated pharmacy.

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