‘Always ask for your receipt’

Customer says Burger King worker secretly charged her extra to pocket some money

A TikToker says that a Burger King employee stole $16 dollars from her at a location in Taylor, Michigan.

Her receipt shows that she paid $16 dollars in cash and then paid the bill in full on her credit card. In the comments of the video, the TikToker says that because she paid $16 dollars in cash, her card should have been charged $18.95 (the bill in full was $34.95).

In a TikTok posted on Feb. 4, @mrshardy2011 shows her receipt from the Burger King in question. In it, she tells another person that the actions of the employee could get her in serious trouble. The TikToker wrote in the video’s caption that the worker “told the police I didn’t give her cash” and commented that a supervisor at Burger King told her that the employee wasn’t fired, though disciplinary action was taken.

“I’m writing corporate,” the TikToker commented. @mrshardy2011’s video has been viewed over 73,000 times.

Commenters on @mrshardy2011’s video said they had had similar experiences.

“Someone at a McDonald’s stole my moms credit card numbers and was ordering off Amazon,” @moodymoonie97 commented. “They got nerve.”

“I legit had this happen to me today at the exact same store!” @naeeh9 wrote.

“That location has done that to me as well before,” @k_lynne925 commented. “One time I went there at 12 in the afternoon and they said I’m sorry we’re not open yet.”

“I stopped going to that one after the manager claimed my card declined but charged it 4 times and tried to deny it,” @dani3times wrote.

Others offered the TikToker advice about her situation.

“Always ask for your receipt. I noticed these restaurants will keep your receipt,” @sheritagriffin318 wrote.

“Just show the cops, have manager count the drawer and call corporate,” @notapickmedale commented. “It’s all on video.”

Source: ‘Always ask for your receipt’: Customer says Burger King worker secretly charged her extra to pocket some money (msn.com)

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