17 Gardening Experts You Should Follow

Looking for high quality gardening advice? We’ve rounded up the best gardening experts to follow on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. We know our readers are partial to organic gardening, so you’ll find accounts run by organic gardeners. Some do tutorials or questions and answers, while others simply show you photos of what their lives are like. We’ll tell you a little about each one of our recommendations and link you to them as well.


@bakercreekseeds: https://www.instagram.com/bakercreekseeds/

Find inspiring photos of plants grown from Baker Creek Seeds on this picturesque Instagram account. You’ll also see occasional photos of the growers and seed packets or catalogs alongside the vividly colored fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

@carmelbellafarm: https://www.instagram.com/carmelbellafarm/

If there is such a thing as tomato porn, it exists on carmelbellafarm’s Instagram page. The velvety, deep black skin of Black Beauty tomatoes is captured in one photo, and the next has a tomato harvest pictured as a rainbow-colored jumble. If you love tomatoes, you’ll want to follow carmelbellafarm.

@david_austin_roses: https://www.instagram.com/david_austin_roses/

Following the david_austin_roses Instagram account is worth it simply for the photos of heavy-headed, petal-packed roses. But that’s not all you’ll find. This account also offers tips about rose growing, breeding, feeding, and pruning as well as an ask the expert feature.

@finchandfolly: https://www.instagram.com/finchandfolly/

As a bonus alongside plenty of garden photos, you’ll find a peek into homesteading life, with images of a log cabin house, happy-looking chickens, and wreaths made with flowers from the garden. Allison (who runs the account) also provides gardening tips and how-tos every once in a while.

@growing.in.the.garden: https://www.instagram.com/growing.in.the.garden/

This Arizona-based organic gardener documents the progress of her garden on this Instagram page. There are also tips for vegetable gardeners and those who grow flowers alike.

@humanswhogrowfood: https://www.instagram.com/humanswhogrowfood/

In the style of People of New York, the humanswhogrowfood Instagram account presents photos of people from across the globe growing all different kinds of food. It’s interesting to see how much the gardeners have in common despite their differences—starting with the smiles of pride as they show off their crops.

@thegeogarden: https://www.instagram.com/thegeogarden/

This home gardener is devoted to organic, sustainable growing practices. See the results of their hard work and images of the fruits and vegetables as they grow at the link above.

@the_RHS: https://www.instagram.com/the_rhs/

This profile is cultivated by the Royal Horticultural Society, the top gardening charity in the United Kingdom. Along with photos of their gardens in sunshine or snow, you’ll find how-tos and tips for growing all kinds of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other plants.


KewGardens: https://twitter.com/kewgardens

Kew Gardens is a world-famous garden and a center of botanical research. They share short facts about plants, show off images of their gorgeous gardens, and even have a video series. If you can’t get to Kew Gardens, the video series is the next best thing.

MotherEarthNews: https://twitter.com/MotherEarthNews

MotherEarthNews will occasionally post about plants or gardens, but those aren’t the focus. This news provider offers articles that hone in on green living and sustainability.

the_daily_green: https://twitter.com/the_daily_green

Like MotherEarthNews, The Daily Green reports on all things green, so while there will occasionally be content about gardening, that isn’t the focal point.

the_rhs: https://twitter.com/the_rhs

We’ve already recommended RHS’s Instagram account; how could we leave out their Twitter? The RHS runs question and answer sessions right on Twitter alongside striking views of the RHS gardens.


CaliforniaGardening: https://www.youtube.com/user/CaliforniaGardening

Here you’ll find lots of how-to videos that will allow you to sharpen your gardening skills. There are also videos on harvests, tips, or garden tours.


EdibleAcres is operated by a permaculture nursery located in New York. They write, “We’re focused on low and no-tech solutions and permaculture principles in all our work. This video channel documents our journey.”

GrowingYourGreens: https://www.youtube.com/user/growingyourgreens

GrowingYourGreens produces a steady stream of video content about gardening tips, tricks, and how-tos. Occasionally, it looks at what John is growing in his own garden.

IAmNJOrganic: https://www.youtube.com/user/iamnjorganic

Mark is passionate about teaching people how to get great results in their gardens using cover crops, dried leaves, wood chips, and worm castings. He writes that these items are “the ONLY things I use in my 22 acre farm and backyard garden.”

MIGardener: https://www.youtube.com/user/MIgardener

This name showed up on many of the lists we checked as we did research for this article. The profile promises two to three videos weekly, with new content on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. Videos focus on “100 percent organic gardening, self sustainability, healthy recipes, and much more.”

You may be looking for new YouTube accounts so you can subscribe or add their videos to your playlists. Perhaps you’re looking for some gardening-related Instagram accounts to follow. Or maybe you’re seeking new gardening Twitters. A lot of you will probably be looking for all three. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re betting you found at least one recommendation that caught your fancy. Go ahead and check it out, then come back and tell us who you follow on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram for your gardening-related content—especially if it focuses on organic gardening.

by Erin Marissa Russell

Source: 17 Gardening Experts You Should Follow – Gardening Channel

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