Martha Stewart’s “best scrambled eggs in the whole world”

Making eggs with Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs hack

During her cooking demo at the “Food & Wine” Classic in Aspen, Martha Stewart revealed that she got the idea for her new egg hack after finding a pan of leftover clarified butter in the fridge. 

She had been making lobsters the day before and decided that the clarified butter would be perfect with her scrambled eggs. 

“Usually scrambled eggs are overdone or not so tasty,” she told the crowd during the September 2021 event. “I cooked the eggs in the clarified butter, and they looked like golden, beautiful scrambled eggs.” 

I had never made clarified butter before, but Stewart said it created “the best scrambled eggs in the whole world.” Who could pass that up? 

It was time to put Stewart’s egg hack through the ultimate taste test. 

But wait a second, what actually is clarified butter?

“Clarified butter is unsalted butter that has been melted and separated from any of the whey or milk solids that are found in butter,” Stewart explained on an episode of her former PBS show, “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.”  

“It will not burn as easily as regular butter because it has none of those milk solids, so it won’t even brown,” she adds, noting that clarified butter is a “very clear, golden liquid” with a higher smoking point. 

Stewart said Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter clarifies nicely, so I grabbed some from my local grocery store before I started cooking. 

It was time to make some scrambled eggs and put Stewart’s hack to the test.

First, I cracked two eggs into a small bowl, sprinkled some salt on top, and gave them a quick whisk. 

I added some of the clarified butter to my pan.

Adding clarified butter for Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs hack

I turned my stove to low heat and waited for the butter to warm up.

Per her advice, I first checked if the butter was warm enough by sprinkling a few drops of water on top. Stewart says that if the water sizzles, the pan is ready. 

Then I added my eggs to the pan and continuously moved them around with a rubber spatula. 

“You want the eggs to cook and set, but you don’t want them to brown or get too hard,” Stewart says in the clip. “So just stir around.” 

In less than two minutes, my scrambled eggs were ready.

Making eggs with Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs hack

They looked gorgeously fluffy and golden in the pan. I couldn’t wait to see how they tasted with the clarified butter. 

I spread my scrambled eggs on a slice of sourdough and dug in.

Martha Stewart's scrambled eggs hack

These scrambled eggs were absolutely delicious. They were super silky, rich, and creamy, with a texture akin to the delicious eggs I made with crème fraîche for Gordon Ramsay’s breakfast sandwich. 

My family tried the eggs as well and were big fans. My mom loved how “fresh and fluffy” they tasted, while my sister said the clarified butter added more depth of flavor. 

So will I make clarified butter every week for my eggs? Nah, but I also don’t need to — it can last for months in the fridge. Plus, you can use clarified butter for a number of things. My family finished our batch in a week, trying it on everything from branzino to the eggs on Ina Garten’s new avocado toast. 

I think using a brand with higher butterfat, like Kerrygold, and cooking on low heat is really the key to getting a plate of super fluffy scrambled eggs. But if you’ve got some clarified butter lying around, or have some time to whip up a batch, it’ll definitely make for a delicious breakfast.

Article by Anneta Konstantinides 

Source: How to Make Martha Stewart’s Favorite Scrambled Eggs (

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