Pet poodle killed by neighbor’s dog on Far South Side, owner cited

A few days ago. I posted an article about the deadliest dog breed to own. This is the dog breed that’s attacked the most people – TUTORING YOU

Based on the number of deaths attributed to this breed (421), the Pit Bull is by far the deadliest dog to own. I don’t have the number of other dog breeds that have been killed or injured by this breed, however it happens more frequently than attacks on humans. Here is a report on the latest attack from ABC 7 news:

“Cynthia Bailey said when she let her toy poodle Caeser out around 6 a.m. Tuesday, a neighbor’s dog was in her yard.

She said that dog attacked Caesar once, then came back after him again.

Baily said she tried to fight off the dog, but Caesar died from his injuries.

“I’m screaming and yelling for help, but he’s just constantly attacking, you know, my dog,” Baily said. “Nothing I did touched him. He didn’t flicker at all.”

The owner of the pitbull, cane corso mix told officers the dog had gotten out of the house.

The owner was cited, according to police.”

Just to reiterate, got kids? Beware of this breed!

Nice doggy!

Author: Dennis Hickey

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