October 2021 Journal Prompts

A lot of people enjoy the thought of keeping a journal, but forming that habit of writing in it regularly can be a hard hurdle to jump. I get it, I’ve totally been there and truthfully I still struggle to write in my journal on a consistent basis. There have been many times that I’ve considered doing away with this journal prompt series, but then I look at my stats and they are time and time again some of the top posts. Y’all are amazing at journaling! So let’s keep going shall we =)

Just in case you need a little encouragement to start writing (or drawing, or list making, or however you see fit to keep a journal) here are some tips on how to make journaling a habit. Because remember, if you’d like to reap the benefits of journaling then you have to engage with it more than once every six months.

how to make journaling a habit

  • Start small, aim to write in your journal 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a week. Gradually increase the number of days you write.
  • Pick a specific time during the day to write. Make it a time that you won’t be interrupted.
  • Add it to your daily to-do list and/or set a reminder on your phone. By scheduling in time to journal increases your chance of actually doing it.

Now on to this month’s prompts…

october 2019 journal prompts

October 2019 Journal Prompts » Eight Pepperberries

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