70 Eye-Catching Painted Pumpkins That Will Make a Statement This Halloween

painted pumpkin ideas

3D Painted Pumpkins

Matte spray paint or chalk paint goes a long way to turn a purple pumpkin into a beautiful new hue. We found that using lighter colors shows off the 3D design more.

Directions: Make sure your pumpkin is thoroughly cleaned. Draw a design in pencil on the pumpkin, making it as simple or detailed as you like! Go over pencil lines with puff paint and let dry completely for a few hours. You might want to work in sections if you are creating a larger design. Once the puff paint has dried, mask off the stem of the pumpkin with masking tape and spray a coat of matte spray paint all over the pumpkin, and let dry. Repeat with a second coat if needed. Remove masking tape and enjoy!

painted pumpkin ideas

Painted Faux Bois Pumpkin

For a totally rustic look, imitate the look of wood grains by lightly sketch a faux bois pattern on a pumpkin with a pencil. Then, use a linoleum carving tool to etch out the pattern. Once complete, paint unetched part of the pumpkin with acrylic paint.

pumpkin painting ideas

Seasonal Painted Pumpkin

Paint your pumpkin any color you’d like and use autumnal hues to create branches and leaves, and then spell out the season. The best part is, you can easily keep this up after Halloween is over.

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By AMANDA GARRITY Associate Lifestyle Editor and MONIQUE VALERIS Senior Home Editor, Good Housekeeping.

Source: (click here): 70 Best Pumpkin Painting Ideas – Painted Pumpkins for Halloween 2021 (goodhousekeeping.com)

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