MEN: Doing This One Thing in a Conversation Makes You More Attractive.

Scouring your closet for an outfit. Obsessing over your grooming or hair. Perfecting your witty banter. For as long as dating has been a social ritual, people have worked tirelessly at improving their odds in the search for love. But according to a study, there’s one surprising thing you can do in a conversation that might make you instantly more attractive. Read on to see what habit might be giving you a leg up while searching for romance.

In a study published in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America on Aug. 31, a team of researchers recorded the voices of 42 subjects while they performed various vocal exercises. Then, separate groups of people listened to the tapes and ranked each for attractiveness.

The result: Mumbling in a conversation can make men more attractive to women.

The team believes that the findings could uphold previous research on “sexual dimorphism,” which describes a big characteristic difference between biological sexes that can cue attractiveness. They theorize that the brain may interpret mumbling or less coherent speech as an inherently “masculine” quality, making it more attractive to the opposite sex due to evolutionary developments.

From a sexual selection standpoint, males with traits that are slightly more masculine than average are typically preferred, which in this context would make males with less clear speech more attractive.

Go figure !

Article by  ZACHARY MAC. Photo credit: iStock.

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