This Home Necessity Is Disappearing From Store Shelves

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Experts say a paint shortage is hitting stores.

If you’re looking to redecorate your home in the near future, you may want to leave painting off your to-do list. Experts say it could be hard to find the paint you need. “Some of the most common used paints are out of stock,” Mike Marcewicz, founder of Mike’s Painting and Home Improvements, told Bay News 9. According to Chemical & Engineering News, paint makers are not receiving their full orders of raw materials and having to pay higher prices for the supply they do get, which has led to a fewer paint products hitting store shelves.

The paint shortage was exacerbated by this year’s major winter storm.

Paint supply chain Sherwin-Williams was already suffering as a result of the COVID pandemic. However, the February winter storm that hit Texas added further constraints to the supply chain.

Increased demand for paint is not helping the situation either.

This paint shortage is coming at a time when demand for paint is increasing—which will only make things worse, experts say. We’re approaching painting season, after all. Summer is typically regarded as painting season because it is the optimal time to paint your home exterior due to warm weather and scarce rain, according to Teel Painting.

You’ll likely have to pay more for the paints that you can find.

If you do find any paint in stores, it will likely be marked up from what you’re used to paying. Sherwin-Williams has already issued a price increase on consumer paint brands as a result of shortages and increased pricing of raw materials. And more price hikes may be coming.

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