Sagittarius Compatibility: Who Will Steal Your Heart?

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(Truth be told, I don’t believe in astrology, however, my Sagittarius sign advised me to post this article today.)

Sagittarius loves adventure and travelling, so much so that it’s impossible for these natives to sit quietly at home and do nothing. The truth is, this sign constantly needs to be on the move and in action. Whether adventurous or down to earth, Sagittarius will never be in contemplation and will always look to move forward to their next destination, as a result, these natives look for someone who drives and excites them. If you are an Aries or a Leo, you are amongst the perfect matches for this zodiac sign because you have lots in common. What about you? Are you compatible with a Sagittarius? Take our test to find out!

Born between November 22 and December 21, Sagittarius is a Fire sign. Its planet; Jupiter blesses this exciting sign with courage and a lot of optimism. To learn more about this sign, consult the astrological portrait of the Sagittarius personality. Natives of this sign want relationships made of exchanges and projects. They are in fact very careful in choosing their partner and want someone who can fulfill their desires.

Are you a Sagittarius and want to know which zodiac signs you are compatible with? With you, it’s always time for action and you dream of finding a partner who is able to follow you in all your adventures. However, not every star sign has what it takes to keep up with you.


What does the Sagittarius compatibility reveal?

♥ ♥ ♥ Sagittarius – Aries: The MOST inspiring pairing 💔 Scorpio – Cancer: Don’t even bother…

In order to feel good in your relationship you need to be with someone who makes you feel alive. Funny, cheerful and optimistic you would be completely incompatible with a party pooper. It would be impossible for you to live with a sign that is too homely or who can’t maintain your pace. 


Sagittarius and Aries compatibility:  Electric match


Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility:  Different goals…


Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility:  A happy couple


Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility:  A doomed duo


Sagittarius and Leo compatibility:  A wonderful love match


Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility:  A traditional couple


Sagittarius and Libra compatibility:  A strong pairing


Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility:  A chaotic match


Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility:  True soulmates


Sagittarius and Capricorn compatibility:  A complicated pair


Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility:  An intelligent couple


Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility:  An uncertain pair

So, who do I thank for this ridiculous piece of info that I don’t even believe in?

Sagittarius Compatibility: Who Will Steal Your Heart? (

Oh, OK. Thanks.

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