Garden Enhancements- Using what you Have

Bring a bit of natural beauty to the landscaping around your home and property by recycling what nature has already provided! Stumps make gorgeous natural planting containers! If you have an old stump in your yard, chip out the center, add a bit of peat moss, a handful or two of mulch and some potting soil.

Stumps rot from the middle outwards, so they’ll last a couple years as a planter, breaking down naturally while providing a gorgeous natural planter.

Plant your favorite moisture loving flowers, such as ferns, impatiens, violets, and bulbs.

If you really don’t like the look of the stump and want to disguise it, plant vines in it such as ivy, morning glories, or Carolina Jasmine. Sweet potatoes also create a rapidly growing gorgeous vine as well and you may already have one in your pantry.

Article by Liss.

Source: Repurpose an eyesore Stump into a Gorgeous Planter (

Author: Dennis Hickey

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