Create a herbaceous border with Self-Seeders


Make your herbaceous border low-maintenance as well as low-cost with self-seeders. These plants freely disperse their seeds every autumn, spreading around the border without your help. Think of them as eternal annuals – you only need to buy them once and they come back every year.

Self-seeders are great for an informal planting style, because they settle into a natural order where each variety will grow in the spot it likes best. Here are a few great options:

 Papaver rhoeas (common poppy)

• Aquilegia

• Angelica archangelica

• Digitalis purpurea

• Myostis sylvatica (forget-me-not)

• Verbena bonariensis

• Eryngium giganteum

• Foeniculum vulgare ‘Giant bronze’

• Lunaria Annua (honesty)• Chrysanthemum parthenium

It is possible to create a striking herbaceous border on a budget. For more idea’s, click on the link:

How to Create a Herbaceous Border on a Budget (

Author: Dennis Hickey

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