‘Sand Pools’ Are The Latest Backyard Trend

If you don’t live near the sea or just can’t travel this summer because of COVID-19 restrictions, there’s one more way to get your beach vacation — bring it to your own backyard.

A Spanish company called Piscinas de Arena NaturSand is offering just that. Well, kinda. Piscinas de Arena NaturSand specializes in “sand pools” — custom pools that are as close to real beaches as it gets. And if people already have a pool of their own, the company can simply convert it into something straight out of a Mediterranean paradise.

Piscinas de Arena NaturSand says that it can “provide an environment similar to that of a piece of natural beach” and judging by their product photos, that’s not an exaggeration.

Image credits: piscinasdearena

Image credits: piscinasdearena

“Our patented sand finish for pools is grainy but solid,” a Piscinas de Arena NaturSand spokesperson told Bored Panda. “It is not made out of loose sand, it’s completely attached to the concrete surface of the pools’ structure with binding agents.”

However, it does not make the maintenance of these pools more difficult than that of regular tile pools.

Piscinas de Arena NaturSand makes its sand pools with a special concrete mix that’s covered with compacted sand

Image credits: piscinasdearena

Image credits: piscinasdearena

Not only does the surface of these pools never get hot, it’s anti-slip dry and wet

Image credits: piscinasdearena

Image credits: piscinasdearena

The pools come in various shapes and forms and can have multiple levels of depth.

Not yet available in the U.S., but to dream a little more, click below.

Article source: ‘Sand Pools’ Are The Latest Backyard Trend | Bored Panda

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