Fast Growing Privacy Trees

If you’re looking for quick privacy and shade, check out this list of fast growing privacy trees. These trees will grow quickly and won’t take decades to provide shelter as well as keep the neighbors from spying on you. So what do you plant that’ll grow quickly to give you some privacy as well as shade?

There are so many types of beautiful trees that can make your landscaping amazing. But if you are particularly looking for shade or privacy, what you want are fast growing privacy trees. Some of these include varieties such as River Birch, Green Giant Arborvitae, and even Weeping Willows. Check out the whole list below.

Not all of these are evergreen, but you will get privacy in the spring/summer and even into fall when people tend to be outside more.

River Birch

Privacy Trees - River Birch

I am still in awe of how fast these grow.  River birches are beautiful trees and they have the most interesting bark that looks like it’s shedding or peeling.  We planted three river birch trees in the side of our yard and they were tiny. 

River Birch Facts

  • Deciduous (loses the leaves in the fall)
  • Can grow 40-70 feet tall
  • Beautiful peeling bark
  • Loves moist soil areas
  • Grows 1.5-3 feet per year
  • Zones 4-9

Green Giant Arborvitae

Fast Growing Privacy Trees - Green Giant Arborvitae

Another stunner and this one is evergreen – meaning you’ll have the beautiful green color year-round.  This one can grow up to 3 feet per year. 

We planted three of these that were around 2 feet tall and in 3 years they are about 12-15 feet tall.  Give them room when you plant – it can spread out between 12 and 20 feet.  They have a beautiful cone shape – like a pretty Christmas tree.

Green Giant Facts

  • Evergreen (stays green year-round)
  • Can grow 3 feet per year
  • Zones 3 through 7 or 8
  • Grows 30-40 feet
  • Drought tolerant

Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow

One of my most favorite trees, the weeping willow tree is stunning.  It’s drooping “weeping” limbs/leaves are gorgeous.  Make sure you have plenty of room and beware you won’t get much grass growing under or around the willow. 

Keep it away from your septic lines, because the roots can potentially damage your lines.   It can get between 30-40 feet tall and wide. 

hey aren’t evergreen, however,  they are one of the first to get their leaves in the spring and one of the last to lose them in the fall/winter.

Also – weeping willows are not ideal if planted next to sidewalks. It’s far too droopy and will block the path without constant trimming.

Weeping Willow Facts

  • Deciduous
  • Invasive shallow roots so don’t plant next to sidewalks or septic lines
  • Can grow 30-40 feet tall and wide so give them plenty of room
  • Grows up to 2 feet or more per year
  • Zones 6-8

Tulip Tree

Fast growing privacy trees - tulip poplar

This is another one that’s growing faster than I imagined.  Tulip trees, also known as tulip poplars, can grow between 70-100 feet tall.  They have a beautiful cone shape with dark green leaves and turn a beautiful golden-yellow color in the fall before they lose their leaves. 

It’s not evergreen, but definitely worth planting if you’re looking for some fast shade.  Give it plenty of room because it’s one of the fastest-growing and largest trees in North America.

Tulip Poplar Facts

  • Mature height of 70-100 feet
  • Is actually a member of the Magnolia family of trees
  • Zones 4-9
  • Deciduous

Red Maple

red maple

Red Maples are stunning trees with fiery red leaves in the spring.  They can grow up to 3 feet per year, so not quite as fast growing as some of the other trees on the list, but still impressive. 

And what a visual show these are!  Give them plenty of room to grow and they can live for over 50 years.  

Red Maple Facts

  • Zones 3-10
  • Can grow up to 3 feet per year
  • Averages 40-50 feet tall
  • Deciduous
  • Can tolerate moist or dry soils
  • Don’t plant next to sidewalks or driveways due to a shallow root system

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