April Writing Prompts

New York builders​


Persuasive task:
This is how buildings were made in the past. 
Is this a safe way to build skyscrapers?
Compare it to the way skyscrapers are built today.
Which is the best option?
Convince your audience to take on your opinion.

Narrative task:
Write a story to discuss how these men ended up here.
Is it safe?
What happens when they need to get off the steel bar?
How did they get there?
Why are they there?

Mystery Cave


Persuasive task:
Try and convince someone to either go into or to not go into the mystery cave. 
What adventures or dangers might await them?
What should/shouldn’t they?

Write a narrative story about this cave.
Where does this cave lead to?
Where is it located?
Why would someone enter it?
What are they looking for?
What happens once your character goes inside?
What adventures/ dangers might await those who enter the cave?

Ladder in the sky


Write a narrative story using this image as your prompt.

Think about it
Where does this ladder lead?
Who is climbing the ladder?
What is at the top of the ladder?
Why was the ladder created?
Does the character climb the ladder?
Does something climb down from the ladder?
How did the character find the ladder?
What is special about the field the ladder is in?
Who does the character meet at the top of the ladder?

Dangerous road sign


Write a narrative story to using this image as your prompt.

Think about it
Will you write a narrative from point of view of the travellers or the monster?
Where does this road lead?
What is the dangers on this road?
How does that affect people who drive on the road?
What is the monsters feelings about people driving on the road.

Spy Mouse


Write a narrative story to using this image as your prompt.

Think about it
What is this mouses story?
Why it it there?
What happened to lead it to this moment?
Who does the mouse work for?
Why does the mouse need the cheese?
Does it safely steal/ retrieve the cheese?
What is the problem in this story?
Who is the villain?
Who is the hero?

Giant dog


Write a narrative story to using this image as your prompt.

Think about it
Why is the dog so large?
Is the dog being friendly or aggressive?
How does the person feel?
What caused the dog to be so big?
​What caused the person to be so small?

Clever prompt ideas from Two Teachers One Blog

Source: 20 Writing prompts to engage your students in their writing – Two Teachers One Blog (weebly.com)

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