Netflix is releasing 45 new original movies and series in February – here’s the full list

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Well, Netflix fans, we have good news and bad news for you today. The good news is that Netflix has announced its full release schedule for February 2021. The bad news is that unfortunately, we’ve got a pretty bleak month in store.

Don’t get us wrong — there are definitely a few big releases to look forward to. The problem is that sadly, we do mean “few” in the truest sense of the word. Season 3 of the fantastic crime drama The Sinner is set to hit Netflix in its entirety on February 6th, and it’s an excellent season so you should definitely check that out. There are also a few solid movies set to arrive next month, such as the decade-old Christopher Nolan blockbuster Inception. Where original Netflix movies and series are concerned, however, the highlights are few and far between.

Netflix made a huge announcement in early January to tout the fact that it has at least one new original movie set to debut each and every week in 2021. While that may be true, the quality of said movies remains to be seen. In February 2021, there are a few series that we’re definitely looking forward to. There are also some solid movies on the way like I Care A Lot, which looks fantastic, and Malcolm & Marie, which stars John David Washington and Zendaya. Beyond that… well… take a look for yourself.

You’ll find the full list of Netflix original releases in February 2021 down below.

Streaming February 2nd

Streaming February 3rd

Streaming February 5th

Streaming February 10th

Streaming February 11th

Streaming February 12th

Streaming February 15th

Streaming February 16th

Streaming February 17th

Streaming February 18th

Streaming February 19th

Streaming February 20th

  • Classmates Minus — NETFLIX FILM

Streaming February 23rd

  • Brian Regan: On The Rocks — NETFLIX COMEDY SPECIAL

Streaming February 24th

  • Canine Intervention — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Ginny & Georgia — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Streaming February 25th

Streaming February 26th

Release Date TBD


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