How To Make A Living Succulent Topiary

By Westwood Gardens

Feast your eyes on this perfect little wonder we made this week:

Looks a little intimidating, right?

Here’s the good news…it’s pretty simple to make. And we’re going to show you how! All it takes is a little patience and time. The best news is, this is a living succulent topiary, meaning these babies will take root and go on indefinitely. That’s why we’re using succulents for this project, since they root so easily.

Step 1: Select your moss ball topiary and submerge in water

Select your preferred moss ball and submerge in water (remember we’re planting things in this).

We have several options at our stores. Pictured here is a 6″ moss ball topiary that is staked and can be planted (this is what we used for the project). But we also have a 6″ hanging topiary that you can…you guessed it…hang.

Step 2: Gather your succulent cuttings

Time to snip, snip, snip those succulent cuttings. No succulents plants to cut from at home? No problem. We’ve got a huge selection of miniature succulents that will work perfectly.

Step 3: Make holes in your moss ball

Using a pen or other object, begin making holes in your moss ball.

Step 4: Dip each succulent cutting in rooting hormone and place in the holes you’ve made

Getting closer…

Step 5: Add some pea gravel/rocks to help stabilize the topiary

Ta-da! Now pose by your masterpiece and wait for the compliments.

Care instructions: Keep the topiary ball moist by spritzing with fertilized water until succulents are rooted. After that, it can be drenched/submerged in water when dry. Water the planter portion when dry. Place in part sun to full sun.

Caution: You may be hooked on succulent projects after this, and that’s okay. We’ve got some more succulent inspo for you here.

Source: How To Make A Living Succulent Topiary – westwood gardens blog

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