Adventurous, Unusual Houseplants in Demand

4 Gardening Trends You'll Want to Dig into in 2021
Credit: Adam Albright

While everyone has been at home more, we’ve also been ramping up our houseplant collections. Indoor plants have been in demand for several years, and 2021 will be no different, predicts plant influencer Summer Rayne Oakes. She thinks that easy-care aroids like philodendrons, anthuriums, and aglaonemas will be particularly popular, as well as plants in the Hoya genus

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“The houseplant trend was already booming pre-pandemic, but with everyone setting up home offices and the like, people are inevitably focusing on making their homes more livable and workable. Plants are a big part of that,” Oakes says.

All signs indicate that 2021 will be a time to fill your home with plenty of houseplants and your garden with lush tropicals and nutritious edibles to feed not only your family, but also those in need. The future is definitely looking greener.

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