Media shows its Melania Trump contempt

Melania Trump Is Facing Harsh Criticism After Breaking Hospital Rules To Remove Mask

First lady Melania Trump is getting a harsh critique today. She just attended a Christmas event where she read to kids at the Children’s National Hospital. However, the event didn’t go off without a bit of controversy.a woman wearing sunglasses posing for the camera: melania-trump-mask© Provided by melania-trump-mask By Sarah Bregel  

While Melania wore a mask upon entering the hospital, she removed it as soon as she sat down to read the story. The rules inside of the hospital are that everyone must wear a mask at all times. Even though the White House has often pushed back against the pandemic safety guidelines like social distancing and wearing of masks, given the environment, it would be even more important to try to reduce any possible spread of the virus.

Now compare this media coverage of President Obama:

Girl Cries in Obama’s Arms After He Wears Santa Hat to Surprise Kids in Hospital

Dude, Where’s your mask?

Dude, Where’s your mask?

Dude, Where’s your mask?

St. Nick always brings cheer this time of year. But when he’s portrayed by a former president, it’s even more special. Wearing a festive Santa hat, Barack Obama surprised kids at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. He came bearing presents. Obama even took selfies with patients and gave out some hugs.’s Leigh Scheps ( has more.

(I guess if your Saint Obama, you don’t spread germs to sick kids. Your actions don’t have consequences. Except for the good press you get. (Just my .02)

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