I’m Embarrassed…and Mad as Hell

First I need to apologize to you my readers, for I have sinned. It seems that the 60000 or so articles, photo’s , images, etc that I have sent to Pinterest were first posted here on my blog. I was as proud as a peacock because my views on Pinterest per month were 850,000. That’s a bunch. But not many followers. Why not? So I did some research into my posts on Pinterest and found that about 25% of them:

  1. The source didn’t exist anymore.
  2. The source, when clicked, led to spam.(Blocked by my anti-virus).
  3. The source, when clicked, led to a dangerous web site. Ditto on blocking.

What this meant was that yours truly was polluting my blog, my Pinterest account, and anyone else who clicked on these bogus sites. That’s why I am so embarrassed. My intent is to provide an entertaining blog where one can find useful info on a variety of topics. I consider myself the Ed Sullivan of the Blog world. You’ll have to Google him but he wasn’t skilled at much of anything , but every Sunday evening he brought superior entertainment to the folks watching tv, some in B & W. He was a showman. Guess who brought The Beatles and Rolling Stones to live tv first, Ed Sullivan. Comedy kings, fabulous singers, actors all appeared on his. “Show of Shows”. So that was going to be me. Until I realized that no one followed me because one of four posts led to empty sites, or spam, or worse, malicious sites.

I began to then check every post I pinned to Pinterest. So far I have cut 20000 questionable pins from my account. Am I mad? Oh, you bet I am. So I am using a business account with Pinterest. Do you think I could get at least a modicum of heads-up that many of my posts were questionable. No. 60000 posts later I happen to stumble upon them. I put much time and sweat equity into those articles and posts only to now spend more time and energy inspecting each one for spam and dangerous websites. And I’m mad at these same slimy creatures who post dangerous stuff hoping to snag the unknowing into what they are about to encounter.

The bad news is I’m only 3/4 done, checking each image and article until I know they are safe or not. I have taken to mass deletions in some albums. It’s frustrating that there are so many scammers in cyberspace and I walked into their cobweb. Even the most innocent looking photo or posts can’t be trusted. Fortunately, I have deleted thousands of them and am a fervent convert to checking each source of my posts even if recommended by Pinterest. That’s part of the anger. Even Pinterest doesn’t know what’s going on. But I do, and now so do you.

You have my word that no more questionable articles, photo’s etc. will be posted on my blog and Pinterest until I verify the source is safe.. I apologize again for being so naive. The ghost of Ed Sullivan is spinning in his grave.

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you too keep learning and growing.

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