Hollywood Hypocrisy?

I happened to be in our family room when my wife turned on her favorite daytime program, “Days of our Lives”. It’s a 50 year old soap-opera that dramatizes the goings-on of a fictitious Illinois town. It was a very happening show way back in the day when it dominated college dorms and student unions. Not so much popular anymore, however. But it still creaks along with ever-growing unbelievable storylines. But I digress. So I’m watching two young men in bed cuddling. Oh yes. DOOL is really into gay kissing, shower scenes, bedroom antics, any thing to keep this creaky show going.

My rant is that no one in the entire hourlong episode wears a mask or social distances. These episodes that were shot 6-8 months ago are airing now, were all produced during the pandemic. Isn’t it odd that these actors are allowed to flaunt the same rules that you and I are forced to follow?

And isn’t it odd that every commercial that has been aired for the past year on every channel, every network, day and night feature actors without masks or distancing? Why not? Are actors immune from covid? Has that industry been designated as essential? Yes, I must see unmasked actors in my favorite shows or I will lose my marbles ! Ditto commercials. Flo with a mask? I don’t think so. Aren’t these same actors telling us mortals that WE must mask at all times or risk killing grandma with our germs? Don’t actors have germs too?

Note to politicians: We Americans are really tired of your bs rules for us little people, while you pols live by your own special rules and give out favors to your special interest groups. And dispatching the police to patrol for over-the-limit gatherings, and telling kids to rat on mom and dad if they do, just isn’t the American way. Please come to your senses and stop trying to destroy American lifestyles. And leave our jobs alone too. Thank you.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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