Dealing With Stressful Times With Plants

Growing an indoor jungle is a great way to deal with stress

Today we’re in Oklahoma City, visiting Treyon’s indoor plant collection:

I started gardening about a year and a half ago. I started as a means to decompress, get grounded, and connect with nature in a new way than I have before. I am currently a dental student, so life can get stressful, but my plants have been a key element in my creating a safe space for myself. My plants help remind me that simply existing and growing at my own rate is enough. No need to perform—only exist and grow, however that may look for me.

Philodendron Jose Buono

A beautifully variegated Philodendron ‘Jose Buono’. This is Treyon’s largest philodendron, and he says that he dreamed of having this plant for two weeks before he found it, and that it has lived up to all his expectations. The dramatic, irregular patterns of white and green are certainly worth dreaming of!

Another shot of ‘Jose Buono’. Variegated plants like this produce a different pattern on each leaf.

indoor plants

The plant lover relaxes in his indoor plant jungle, which is his safe space during the stress of dental school.


Treyon’s calathea collection: Calatheamusaica (left), Calathealeitzei ‘White Fusion’ (bottom), Calatheaorbifolia (right), and Calathea ‘Medallion’ (top). These look stunning. Calathea have a bit of a reputation for being fussy, but there’s no sign of that here.

variegated peace lily

A variegated peace lily (Spathiphyllum). Who needs flowers when the leaves are this beautiful? Treyon says that this plant is easy to keep happy because it always lets you know when it needs something. This is a plant that will wilt dramatically if it gets too dry, but it perks up again the moment you give it a drink.

Fiddleleaf fig

Fiddleleaf fig (Ficuslyrata) can be expensive, and it has a reputation for being fickle, but Treyon fell in love with this dramatic plant and had to give it a shot. Clearly it is happy and looks fantastic.

Treyon also says that he has found a great community of plant lovers online and that these plant accounts have been a big inspiration to him: @monsteramaven@plantsdecoop@botanicalblackgirl@plantkween and @kayleeellenofficial

You can see more of Treyon’s plants in his own Instagram feed: @plantfix_and_chill/

Source: Dealing With Stressful Times With Plants – FineGardening

Author: Dennis Hickey

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