The 2020 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in America

By Reader’s Digest Editors

Reader's Digest Trusted Brands

What are the most trusted brands in America? For the sixth year, Reader’s Digest teamed up with research firm Ipsos Connect to find out. This time, we asked more than 3,500 Americans which brands they rely on in 40 categories of household, pet, health and wellness, and travel-related products. Here are the winners.

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Household Cleaning Product: Lysol

Lysol products are distributed by the Reckitt Benckiser Group. They run the gamut from liquids to wipes to sprays—all top sellers.

Why Americans Love It: “I’ve used Lysol Spray and trusted it for as long as I can remember.”

Laundry Detergent: Tide

Tide, manufactured by Procter & Gamble, has been helping Americans (and people worldwide) keep their clothes clean since 1946.

Why Americans Love It: “I’ve always had clothes that smell great after using Tide.”

Disinfectant Wipes: Clorox

The Clorox Company is an American company, based in California. They are committed to complete transparency when it comes to what’s in their products, helping to boost that trust factor.

Why Americans Love It: “It offers different size packages to suit my needs. Clorox also offers a variety of fragrances that I like.”

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Contact Lens Solution: Bausch & Lomb

The company makes two different formulas for soft lenses, another four for gas permeable contacts, and eye drops for both lens types.

Why Americans Love It: “I have tried other cheaper brands and they have not been as effective as Bausch & Lomb.”

Eye Care: Visine

Called Vispring in some countries including Greece and Spain, their drops remove redness by shrinking blood vessels on the eye.

Why Americans Love It: “My eyes felt instant relief after just one drop.”

Footcare: Dr. Scholl’s

The company now offers custom, 3D-printed inserts made from foot scans users can take themselves with their cellphones.

Why Americans Love It: “Dr. Scholl’s has a wide variety of foot care needs and I can always find what I need to care for my feet.”

Sun Protection: Coppertone

There are no excuses to skip sunscreen, especially now that Coppertone offers one with a built-in shimmer and a lotion designed to help you tan safely.

Why Americans Love It: “Coppertone has been around a long time and works well.”

Lip Care: Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees is a personal care products company. A subsidiary company of Clorox, they describe themselves as “Earth friendly” and take pride in creating products without harsh chemicals to nourish your skin as naturally as possible.

Why Americans Love It: “I love Burt’s Bee because it’s natural, and it has a good fragrance.”

Soap and Bodywash: Dove

The company has partnered with the Girl Scouts on their Self Esteem Project, which aims to help young people build body confidence.

Why Americans Love It: “Dove is very moisturizing and great for people with sensitive skin. It lathers very well. It is affordable and can be found everywhere.”

Anti-aging Skincare: Olay

Retinol—commonly known as Vitamin A—is the main ingredient in the latest iteration of the Olay Regenerist moisturizer, one of the company’s top sellers since debuting in 2003.

Why Americans Love It: “I am almost 51, and have been using Olay since I was 16. I literally do not look over 35. I tell everyone to use their products.”

Body Lotion: Aveeno

Aveeno is known for its oat-based skin care, and continues to produce new products with the hero ingredient oat to nourish and soothe skin.

Why Americans Love It: “Aveeno is cleanly made and it works well.”

Sleep Aid: NyQuil

NyQuil is part of the Vicks family of brands, a trusted brand that has been helping people feel better, sleep better, and find relief from the common cold and other ailments since the late 1800s.

Why Americans Love It: “Nyquil helps me feel better, faster.”

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Allergy Relief: Claritin

The company also offers a free service called Blue Sky Living that sends members personalized allergy forecasts.

Why Americans Love It: “Claritin is an old, well-known, and reputable brand. I’ve taken this on and off through the years. I know I can depend on this for relief.”

Cold + Flu Remedy: NyQuil

Manufactured by Vicks, maker of vapor rubs, Nyquil Severe with Vicks VapoCOOL is liquid medicine with the added effect of soothing vapors.

Why Americans Love It: “Nyquil and Dayquil are critical to optimal functioning while I’m sick.”

Headache/Pain Reliever: Tylenol

With redesigned packaging, the bottle caps are now easier to open while also generating minimal plastic waste.Why Americans Love It: “I trust Tylenol. It takes care of my family.”

Cough Remedy: Robitussin

The honey in their Honey Cough and Chest Congestion is certified as ethically sourced.  They also offer a sugar-free variety specially formulated for diabetics.

Why Americans Love It: “There is a Robitussin for every kind of cough.”

Heartburn Antiacid: Tums

Some women experience heartburn for the first time during pregnancy. Tums is the #1 OB/GYN recommended brand of antacid.

Why Americans Love It: “Tums is my most trusted heartburn antacid because it does the job right and fast and gets rid of the heart burn for two days.”

National Pharmacy/Drugstore: CVS Pharmacy

Through their “Pharmacists Teach” addiction-prevention program, CVS has provided 300,000 teens with free information about drug abuse.

Why Americans Love It: “CVS always has what I’m looking for and at great prices.”

For more winners, such as travel services, pet care and health must-have’s, click on the link below.


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