PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5

Sony´s PlayStation 5 video game console went on sale last week, and the company hopes that it will bring a long-term income.

It is a key test for the Japanese company´s ability to sustain its biggest growth engine during the coronavirus pandemic gaming boom. It goes head-to-head with Microsoft´s next-generation Xbox with both consoles having seen high pre-order sales. The previous console, PlayStation, 4 sold 113 million units since 2013, and it transformed gaming into the biggest part of Sony´s business.

The new console is selling for $500 and it matches the price of the Xbox. The most impressive aspect of the gadget is not the eye-catching design but the controller which can deliver a wide range of vibrations that simulate different tactile sensations.

Difficult words: console (a device that is used to play video games), sustain (to continue), growth engine (a mechanism that enables business growth), simulate (to be like something else), tactile sensation (a feeling that is sensed through touching).

Source: PlayStation 5 – level 3 | News in Levels

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