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Speed Dating Questions

speed dating questions - speed dating questions to ask a girl

Article by “Jasper”

The traditional dating process usually exhausts most people. Rather than efficiently sifting through the dating pool, they tire out and eventually give in to the partner that doesn’t repulse them, rather than the date that truly lights their fire.

Speed dating is the intelligent and efficient work around to this age old dilemma.

So we’re going to help you graduate from the typical first date questions of ‘where do you work,’ ‘where did you grow up,’ ‘how many siblings do you have,’ blah, blah, blah. Barf.

Instead, we’re going to share with you the best and most interesting speed dating questions to ask, so you’ll be guaranteed to leave with a sexy date on your calendar.


Source: https://www.mantelligence.com/speed-dating-questions/

OK Jasper, I get that it’s speed questioning, but, guys do you really wanna ask a woman number 2, or 3, or 15 ? And if you’re just looking for a date, number 17 and 19 might be a tad too personal. Oh, number 25, really ? Just my .02 cents.

Being Married Reduces Stress in Moments of Crisis

couple holding hands

Between combining finances, raising children, and the increased household chores, being married can certainly be a source of stress. But, it turns out, having a spouse can also reduce anxiety as well. A new study published in the journal PLOS One has provided evidence that having a spouse by your side can be a real stress reliever in a moment of crisis.

For the study, Wendy Birmingham, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University, and her colleagues asked 40 married couples to complete a challenging task on a computer while an infrared camera continuously measured the size of their pupils. When we are stressed or scared, our pupils dilate, so the camera provided a biological sign of how participants were responding to the pressure of the assignment. Some of the couples had to do the task separately, whereas others completed it while their spouse was by their side.

While all of the participants showed signs of stress when initially taking on the task, the ones who had their spouses sitting next to them throughout the ordeal calmed down significantly sooner than those who had to do it alone. They were able to complete the assignment at lower stress levels overall than their counterparts who were flying solo.

“When we have a spouse next to us and with us, it really helps us navigate and get through the stress we have to deal with in life,” Birmingham said.

Interestingly enough, a 2018 study found that when romantic partners hold hands, their breathing, heart rate, and even brain wave patterns actually sync up, which enables them to relieve both emotional and physical pain. But this new BYU study is unique in that it used a more biological means of measuring stress, as opposed to relying on surveys.

“The neat thing is that the pupils respond within 200 milliseconds to the onset of a stressor,” said Steven Luke, a psychology professor at BYU and co-author of the study. “It can immediately measure how someone responds to stress and whether having social support can change that. It’s not just a different technique, it’s a different time scale.”

The study also builds upon previous research that being married can help lower your blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol levels, reduce your risk of heart disease and dementia, and even boost your overall longevity.

BestLife article by Dians Bruk

Source: https://bestlifeonline.com/marriage-stress-study/

Gardening Mistakes – Seeds

Following the seed packet planting schedule

Ok, here’s a touchy mistake that goes back to understanding your climate – following the planting schedule on the back of seed packets. Some seed companies do a great job of putting good information on their seed packets. Some don’t.

There is one brand that every time I look at the back of one of their packets, it tells  me I can plant from Feb-Sept; this is for tomatoes or lettuce, it doesn’t matter. Of the companies that do a good job, remember they can’t write everything on the back of the seed packet, the space is limited. This is where knowing your gardening zone and climate come in handy.

I know that it is very hard for most seeds to germinate in 100 degree temperatures. And yet, I see a lot of  seeds packets that say I can sow the seeds during the summer in my zone. So, I just ignore that part of the seed packets.

Planting all the seeds in a packet

Most seed packets have way more seeds than you need to plant at one time. No one really needs 30 zucchini plants started at the same time – unless you’re selling at market.

Instead, sowing seeds should be staggered over the period of a couple of weeks. This is called succession planting and while it *can* get complicated, it doesn’t have to.

image of grid with garden layout for garden planning

Not keeping gardening notes

Lastly, not keeping notes on what worked and what didn’t work can keep you making the same mistake year after year. Here’s how this one goes down for me. I’m in the garden and realize that a certain variety of tomatoes (we’ll call it X) just isn’t doing as well as my other varieties. I think, “I’ll have to remember that for next year.”

Then next January I’m looking at seed catalogs and I come to the amazing tomato section. And I think, “Oh we planted X last year and really liked the flavor” so I order some, forgetting that although we might have liked the flavor we only go 5 tomatoes off those plants.

I’m a slow learner sometimes, but I have learned that if I ever think “I need to remember that for next year”, I need to ahead and make a note of it in my gardening notebook. 

Source: https://www.schneiderpeeps.com/

Having Nightmares? Here’s What to Do About It

Livestrong.com article By Jaime Osnato 

How to Stop Your Nightmares

Mature man sitting peacefully on bed
Image Credit: Dean Mitchell/E+/GettyImages

Here are strategies to get a sounder night’s slumber and dream more peacefully during the pandemic.

1. Focus on Optimistic Thoughts Before Bed

“Research has shown that our levels of optimism and peace of mind, or pessimism and anxiety, have a direct effect on the subject matter and emotional content of our dreams,” Michael Breus PhD says.

“If your dreams are currently disruptive and disturbing right now, create a nightly ‘Power Down Hour’ that focuses on bringing you to a positive frame of mind before bed,” he recommends.

Need some inspo? Here are a few ideas from Breus:

  • Watch a funny or inspiring TV show
  • Talk to a friend or loved one who lifts you up
  • Pray or engage in a spiritual practice that elevates you
  • Look at old photo albums and enjoy some positive memories

Yoga or meditation can also put you in a zen state of mind before drifting off to dreamland.

2. ‘Re-write’ Your Nightmares

A technique called “image rehearsal therapy” — where people re-write the stories of their nightmares, turning their scary scripts into happier, more peaceful ones — has been shown to help reduce nightmares, especially reoccurring ones, and make sleep easier and less stressful, Breus says.

Once you re-script your dream, visualize it, replaying it in your mind before bed. Over time (five to seven days, Breus says), the content of your bad dream may begin to change.

3. Limit Your Media Consumption

Watching the news and scrolling through social media can increase your anxiety and stress, leading to more negatively-charged dreaming. Breus recommends limiting your overall daily media intake, especially at night before bed. And if you’re tempted to scroll, leave your phone in another room.

4. Don’t Oversleep

“If you sleep in, you will ultimately get more REM sleep (which happens more in the back one-third of the night), which leads to more dreams and nightmares,” Breus explains.

Plus, oversleeping also throws off your circadian rhythms.

5. Drink Less Alcohol

“Whatever emotion you are having in a dream is often increased by the presence of alcohol,” Breus says.

What’s more, drinking booze affects our sleep quality, which can also boost bizarre dream content, he adds.

6. Cut Down Your Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, which can increase anxiety in some people, says Breus, adding, “Do any of us really need to add to our anxiety right now?.”

That said, Breus suggests limiting caffeinated drinks, especially three to four hours before bed, and ideally by 2 p.m.

7. Move More

Due to lockdown and stay-at-home restrictions — and with many gyms still closed — our activity levels have dropped dramatically. “Lack of exercise, including daily movement, is affecting sleep quality,” Breus says.

The more you move, the better you will sleep. Breus suggests sticking to a daily exercise routine and finding small ways to incorporate more movement throughout your day — take out the trash, walk to the mailbox, walk your dog, etc.

8. Reach Out for Help

“If you’re experiencing debilitating dreams or waking anxiety that’s affecting your ability to function normally, don’t try to tough it out or go it alone,” Breus says. Seek out a licensed mental health professional who can help you navigate and cope during this difficult time.

Source: https://www.livestrong.com/article/13729403-stressful-dreams/

Veterans Day Lesson

by http://www.elcivics.com

Veterans Day Lesson

Veterans Day is on November 11. It is an American holiday to honor people who have completed military service or who are currently serving in the military. It is a federal holiday, so schools, banks, post offices, and government buildings are closed. This year it will be on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. 

Who do we honor on Veterans Day?

  • We honor all of America’s veterans and soldiers.
  • Veterans are people who have served in the armed forces. Soldiers are people who are currently serving in the armed forces.
Army Medals and Ribbons

How many military branches does the United States have?

  • There are five U.S. military branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.
  • The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. military.
Which military branch has the most soldiers?
The U.S. Army has more soldiers than the other military branches. It is also the oldest branch.

The Army is responsible for land-based military operations and includes the National Guard and the Army Reserve.
Sailor in the U.S. Navy

Which military branch specializes in seaborne operations?

  • The U.S. Navy specializes in seaborne operations.
  • The Navy uses ships, submarines, and planes to protect waterways like oceans and lakes.
Marine Soldier

What are the duties of the Marines?

  • The Marines conduct special military operations that require landing on foreign soil from bodies of water.
  • Marine operations include land-air power.
Air Force Soldier

What are the duties of the Air Force?

  • The Air Force uses planes and other types of aircraft in military operations.
Coast Guard Boat

What are the duties of the Coast Guard?

  • The Coast Guard protects the coast of the United States, enforces maritime laws, conducts search and rescue operations, and much more.

Source: https://www.elcivics.com/veterans-day-3.html

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