Happy Grateful Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meals and traditions vary from family to family, but most Americans mark the day by enjoying a family meal together.

Tough times, right? Two hundred thousand Americans dead, hundreds of thousands sickened. But consider this, 100 years ago, world-wide 25-40 million died, many more millions sickened and yet the world survived the pandemic of 1918-19. So there is hope for us. History is on our side.

Today, I’m grateful that we have so many medical professionals working on a vaccine that will stop this virus completely. We are so close to getting our lives back and I pray that we remember those victims of this virus. But more importantly, that we come together as one nation, one world giving thanks and gratitude that much better, healthier future is ahead of us.

Thank you Lord for my family and friends. Keep them safe as we wait for a cure. And as we celebrate this Thanksgiving separated not together, hope shines brightly today and I am thankful

Author: Dennis Hickey

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