Best Men’s Parkas For Winter 2020

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It is an undeniably cool jacket style. But what exactly is a parka? Essentially, it’s a long weatherproof jacket with a hood. The hood is usually, but not always, lined with fur or faux fur. The best men’s parkas have a thick, insulating inner lining and are made of water-resistant material to keep away the winter snow. As a result, parkas can be quite bulky. Many parkas make use of drawstrings and a fishtail hem at the back of the jacket. All of these traits converge to define the modern parka jacket.

How to Wear a Parka

Thanks to its hood, its waterproof material, its many pockets, and its bulky shape, it is by nature a more casual article of clothing than an overcoat or a trench. But in northern parts of the country, parkas are absolutely indispensable when winter arrives. In recent years, parkas have had a major resurgence, and many top men’s fashion designers now produce incredible parkas. But whether you have $250 to spend or $2,500, we’re here to help you find the best men’s parkas for winter 2020.

The Best Men’s Parkas to Buy in 2020

Below, we’ve put together a broad range of styles, price points and brands to push the boundaries of what a parka can bring to your wardrobe. Keep reading to find the best men’s parkas available right now.

1. Woolrich Arctic Parka with Genuine Coyote Fur Trim


This is the complete definition of a traditional parka. However, this Woolrich coat executes these traditional elements luxuriously and with panache. There is the silky coyote fur trim to protect you and keep you warm in icy cold crosswinds. The Teflon-coated water-resistant shell will protect you and the effortlessly cool blue color matches the fur so well. It is the complete men’s winter parka package.

Woolrich Mens Parka

Courtesy of Woolrich  

2. Canada Goose Emory Slim Fit Genuine Coyote Fur Trim Parka


Canada Goose is having a bit of a moment. The brand has long been popular in certain areas of the country, but in the last couple of years the company has become widely known for its durable winter parkas. The Emory Slim Fit parka with genuine coyote fur lining is one of our favorite looks from the company. This line comes in a variety of stylish colors, but the blue “Northern Night” is our top pick. This slim fit, thigh-length jacket is filled with white duck down and nylon lining. It will keep your core warm without restricting your movement. This isn’t the cheapest parka available right now (it’s not even the cheapest from Canada Goose), but people don’t buy these coats because of the price. They buy them because when it comes to the best men’s parkas, Canada Goose has been producing long-lasting and reliable winter coats for a long time.

canada goose mens parkas

Courtesy of Nordstrom

3. Herschel Supply Co. Woodland Camo Fleece Lined Fishtail Parka


This coat is a winter wardrobe essential. Despite being of humble design, it boasts angled pockets and a colorful fleece pattern lining which extends into the hood, making it a stylish, cozy jacket. The classic fishtail hem at the back comes with a drawstring, giving you the option of tying up or letting it nonchalantly swing behind you. The 60% cotton, 40% polyester exterior is water-resistant, making it ideal for those long and dreary winter months.

Herschel Best Parkas

Courtesy of Herschel Supply Co.

4. The North Face McMurdo III


Some guys just love their North Face. Whether you prefer the jackets, sweatshirts, or outdoor gear, this brand has some pretty committed loyalists. If that sounds like you, then you’ll want to check out the McMurdo III parka from the popular outdoor brand. At $200, this is an affordable parka from a dependable clothing company, which means it will last through the end of this winter and beyond.

best men's parkas

Courtesy of The North Face

5. UNIQLO Blocktech Parka


This parka takes the regular design and minimizes it way down to create a sleek, fitting, layer-friendly look. The surface of the coat is water-resistant and windproof, and the back wicks moisture so you stay dry no matter the conditions. If you’re looking for something a little lighter for cold and sunny days heading into spring, consider adding this look to your closet. At $80, it’s so worth it.

Uniqlo Mens Parka

Courtesy of Uniqlo

6. Patagonia Men’s City Storm


No list of the best men’s winter parkas would be complete without an entry from Patagonia. While the popular outdoors brand doesn’t match everyone’s style, the company is known for high-quality products that last for years. This year, we like the look of the men’s city storm down parka, designed to keep you warm and stylish. Perfect for winter camping and urban commuting, this sleep parka has a slimmer profile than other bulky jackets. It’s insulated with 100% recycled down and is Fair Trade Certified sewn, which also makes it a sustainable winter coat. With a price tag of $499, it’s also the best men’s winter parka under $500.

patagonia men's parka

Courtesy of Patagonia

7. Prada Technical Parka


At the top end of the spectrum, there’s the Prada Technical Parka — the epitome of chic. Moreover, it is woven in a Prada signature technical fabric and comes with a completely separable inner quilted jacket. Put these two dynamic pieces together and you have on your hands a very well insulated, weatherproofed and smart parka jacket.

Prada Parka

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

8. Kenzo Printed Logo Panelled Parka


This is one of the trendier parkas we’ve found that doesn’t sacrifice coverage. With multi-color panels, pockets and a sleek design — you don’t need to compromise style when donning this for months on end in the winter. The drawstring hood gives you the options you need on a rainy day, all you need is your to-go coffee and you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Kenzo Mens Parka

Courtesy of Farfetch

9. Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka


Look, there are parkas and then there are parkas, this is the latter. When it’s cold (like, icicles forming from your breath) and you want to be as warm as possible, reach for this parka. CG made it for the purpose of commercial work, so if you see someone in snow patrol rocking one of these, well, you’ll know why. This parka has a temperature rating of 22 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that whatever you come face to face with in the harsh winters of your day to day, you’ll be well protected.

best men's parka

Courtesy of Canada Goose

10. Fjallraven Barents Parka


Fjallraven rules. The Swedish company regularly cranks out quality garments, from their ever-popular Kanken backpacks to outerwear of all types. This is why it comes as no surprise that their take on the men’s parka is well done. With an adjustable fuax-fur hood, adjustable cuffs and a water-resistant shell, you can feel confident that light or heavy showers won’t stand in your way. For some, a parka is used to keep warm, but if you find that you’re often battling rain and snow, this is the parka for you.

best men's parkas

Courtesy of Backcountry

Save the Duck Minimalist Parka


Parkas solve a lot of problems, to be sure. However, if you’re on the shorter side of the height spectrum, the average parka will look more like a dress for you. And that, well, that can sort of suck. If you want to stay warm but also stay on style (without looking like you borrowed your dad’s coat), opt for this minimalist parka from Save the Duck. Not only is it warm and water-resistant, but it won’t reach your ankles. What’s more, it’s straightforward and streamlined. Forget the fur or faux fur. This is a city-dwelling parka and one that will keep you warm and dry in cold and wet conditions.

best men's parkas

Courtesy of Save the Duck

12. Howler Brothers Spellbinder Parka


The standard parka (as you’ve likely noticed by now) has a tougher outter shell and is rather streamlined. If you want that quilted look in your parka, though, Howler Brothers make a great option. Though still offering protection from the cold and damp, this men’s parka injects a built more style. Not only are the shoulders reinforced to help keep you extra warm where you need it, but the entire body utilizes 100 gram PrimaLoft Gold insulation to make sure you are extra cozy, even if this parka doesn’t go below the belt.

Also, we appreciate the color options. While blue, black and red are classic colors, sometimes you want something a bit different. If you fall into that category, go ahead and pick this parka up in Hideout Green (pictured below) or Oatmeal/Khaki.

best men's parkas

Courtesy of Huckberry

13. Everlane The ReNew Long Parka


Leave it to Everlane to do more with their men’s parka than just keep you warm. While all of these coats on this list will last a lifetime with proper care, Everlane goes a step further by building their ReNew Parka with 100% recycled polyester. After all, if you can stay cozy while also doing right by the planet, why wouldn’t you, right? Especially when going green is so affordable, it almost seems like a no-brainer.

Though it’s not recommended to rock this parka when temperatures go below 0, for most of us, that’s totally fine. A clean-looking coat, this parka will do you right during most winter days and nights.

best men's parkas

Courtesy of Everlane

OK guys. Get one before the “Hawk” blows cold and snow upon your body!


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