Autumn in Chicago

What does autumn look like in Chicago? How about 80 degrees during the day, and 50 degrees at night. It’s more like the feel of autumn, warm days, cool nights. It’s Mother Nature way of lulling us into complacency. Yes dear’s, this will continue forever. Not! For hiding behind the orange pumpkins, fall foliage and Halloween’s ghostly images is The Hawk. That harsh north wind that blows so hard as to make it hard to catch a breath. The frost that kills your perfect mums, and the snow that slowly falls covering everything in sight in a white blanket of icy cold beauty is a gift from The Hawk too. Thanks, Hawk, but no thanks.

Time to move to Florida or just hibernate, that is the question. Join me as I ponder this question, by testing your knowledge of autumn. Yes, I went a long way to get you here, so just enjoy and play along please.

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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