Activities to Get the “Feel Good” Juices Flowing:


Yard work, like mowing or gardening or tree trimming


Hiking nature trails

Walking or jogging


Recreational sports like tennis, racquetball, softball or even Frisbee

Make it social and get an exercise partner

Physical activity and exercise releases endorphins, which are created in the central nervous system and the pituitary gland. They then interact with the opioid receptors in the brain. These are some of our pleasure and pain centers.

A steady of flow of endorphins triggers a positive feeling in the body, and can act like analgesics, which means they lessen the perception of pain. Here are some of the other endorphin driven benefits of exercise:

Benefits of Walking

This helps with:

Improved Sleep

Decreased feelings of Depression and Anxiety

Increased Self-esteem

Stress reduction

Rise in overall energy

Lowered blood pressure

Finding an activity that’s enjoyable will make it feel less like a chore. Remember to start slow and listen to your body. Never push through pain or take unnecessary risks that might cause injury.

Be realistic in terms of your goals and physical health. Adding a regular exercise regimen will generate endorphins and lead to a better state of mind.


Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you too keep learning and growing.

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