Face Masks for Glasses

Slide 4 of 20: Key selling points: This mask, available in three colors, features an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops, soft fabric, and complimentary carbon inserts for added filtration. What customers say: “This is the most comfortable mask I've ever used. It doesn't make my glasses fog up, and I like that it has a filter pouch. I got the flower print and strangers always ask me about it and give me compliments.” —Marsa, reviewer on Amazon $20, Amazon. Get it now!

Any glasses wearer knows face coverings come with a price: foggy lenses. But thankfully, the best face masks for glasses can help solve that problem for you. To slow the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control recommends wearing a face covering in public spaces where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain—but walking around with blurry vision and steamy specs isn’t the safest thing, either. Luckily, mask makers are developing various glasses-friendly styles as a solution, with many including pliable nose wires and strip inserts, nose guards, and adjustable ear loops for the most secure fit possible.

Why glasses fog up when wearing a mask

When you breathe inside a mask that doesn’t fit your face snugly, the hot air can build up inside the mask and escape through the top, coating your glasses with condensation. Aside from fogging your lenses, breath escaping your mask may defeat the mask’s purpose altogether. The whole idea of wearing a face mask is to protect passersby from escaped droplets when you talk, cough, sneeze, etc.—and an extra secure face mask helps to prevent this from happening.

How to prevent foggy glasses while wearing a face mask

One of the most effective ways to prevent foggy glasses while wearing a face mask is to ensure your mask has a tight seal around your nose and mouth, which means finding a mask that fits your face properly. Look for masks with adjustable ear loops, a nose guard, or a wire that contours to the bridge of your nose. This makes it harder for hot air to escape and steam up your lenses. Additionally, check out our list of antifog spray and other tips.

Where to buy face masks for glasses

Don’t sleep on face masks on Etsy. With countless independent artisans creating unique and effective face coverings on the site, you can find plenty of top-rated face masks featuring nose wires for snug fits on various face sizes. Amazon is another top contender, with reusable and disposable face masks with reviews to back them. Finally, tons of brands have hopped on board to utilize their resources to help protect the public, and we selected some best-selling options specifically for glasses wearers below. Ahead, the 19 best face masks for glasses to shop now, along with rave reviews from happy customers. 

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