Reusable Clear Face Masks

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Now that we’re months into the coronavirus pandemic, people are starting to get creative with their approaches to masks. Tons of retailers have introduced brand-specific designs, offering up everything from floral styles to designer prints to bulk-packs for families. But while it’s now well-known that wearing these face coverings can help slow the spread of COVID-19, organizations like the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (or AHSA) are encouraging the public to consider mask options that make the mouth visible to ensure communication with people who are hearing-impaired can continue.

Nurses, teachers, and other professionals have started to get behind this idea as well because they say these clear masks can make interacting with patients and students more seamless. And now, Etsy shops are also hopping on the trend. You can find thousands of face masks on the site that have clear plastic or vinyl centers, which allow the lips to stay visible. While these masks provide the same coverage as full-cloth masks, they have not yet been tested for effectiveness. (Experts agree that when it comes to protection, the N-95 mask works best — though they should be reserved for medical professionals and other frontline workers — and a recent study determined that after that, multi-layered sewn cloth masks should be used.)

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