Chicago: 64 BLM: 0

Chicago shootings: 64 shot, 11 fatally in weekend violence

Weekends in Chicago have been plagued by violence this summer.

Chicago police said 64 people were shot, 11 fatally, between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday. That follows a deadly weekend over the 4th of July when 87 people were shot. The weekend before that, there were 63 shooting victims.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago Digital Team, Alexis McAdams 

BLM: What We Believe

“The Black Lives Matter Global Network is as powerful as it is because of our membership, our partners, our supporters, our staff, and you. Our continued commitment to liberation for all Black people means we are continuing the work of our ancestors and fighting for our collective freedom because it is our duty.

Every day, we recommit to healing ourselves and each other, and to co-creating alongside comrades, allies, and family a culture where each person feels seen, heard, and supported.

We acknowledge, respect, and celebrate differences and commonalities.

We work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people.”

So that’s their story, BLM. Healing, supporting, respecting, working for justice, etc. My question to them is when will the west side of my city reap all of this support, respect, freedom, and justice that you talk about? Does black on black crime not matter to you? Does a black need to be killed by a white cop before you’ll act? Does tearing down a 150 year old statue mean more to you than justice for the people of the west side of Chicago? I ask you, what are you doing for these real victims of injustice?

Author: Dennis Hickey

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