Want to get away ?

I had no idea these existed!! - Album on Imgur

Some comments by readers:

I just googled these, and each one costs more money than I paid for my car.

Why is this better than a tent?

They’re a requirement camping in Australia, so crocodiles don’t eat you

Anyone seeing this going wrong

Pretty sure car roof racks are meant to carry a few suitcases at most, not People…

This is in-tents…

If the tent is rock’n, don’t come a knock’n.

Can fat people use them?

Thanks but I don’t weigh 80 lbs. And I don’t want to cave in the roof of my car.

Great if it’s raining and there is no higher ground or if there’s snakes, spiders or other dangerous crap aka any Australian animal.

Well you just can’t please everyone, can you.

Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/Abck4

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