The One Home Design Mistake Everyone Makes

By  Sarah Crow for Bestlife

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When it comes to creating a stylish home, it takes more than just a keen eye to transform your space. And according to experts, there’s one home design mistake that virtually everyone makes: choosing furniture that isn’t the right fit for the room.

“A common design mistake I frequently encounter is either the overcrowding of a room with gigantic furniture or the opposite: a completely bare looking space,” says Javier Fernandez, an interior designer at Transitional Designs.

If you’re not paying attention to the size of the room and how much, or how little, space your furniture will occupy, “you’ll end up with a room that is either overwhelmed or underutilized,” he says.

Before you start picking out furniture, Fernandez recommends thinking about the functionality of the room it’s intended for, measuring the furniture you’re considering purchasing or moving, and ensuring that there is enough empty space around each piece to keep the room walkable. “Remember, measure twice and design once,” he says.

If you want to ensure that you’ve chosen appropriately-sized furniture for your space, there’s an easy way to do so before you start buying: “Take your measuring tape—which will become your best friend—and physically tape out the furniture dimensions within your room,” suggests Christina Nielsen of Christina Nielsen Design. “It’s a foolproof way to avoid major disaster when it comes to install day.”

Once you’ve got a visual template for how the room will look when it’s fully decorated, you’ll have a better idea of which pieces will complement your space and which ones you’d be wise to reconsider.

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