June Flowers And Foliage

In my humble abode in Chicagoland, June is busting out all over. Well more like peeking out. Not much of a sunny yard, so my flowering plants are a little on the smallish size. My foliage plants love it. Let’s have a look !

I planted some zinnia’s for color because as you see, it’s mostly foliage time in Chicago. There’s milkweed that’s growing in the middle, the bottom left is a Salvia Black and Bloom, a Hummingbird favorite here. It won’t begin to really grow until the heat of July ramps up. The upper right is an Illinois plant on the endangered list, Silene Regia or Royal Catchfly. Another Hummer fav. It will display petals of red flowers starting in mid-July.
Yellow Yarrow doing what it can in part shade.
A cutting from a friend, who said these are Daffodils. Very pretty, short-lived color.
These plants were here 30 years ago when we bought the house. Never did find out what they might be. Malow perhaps. The sad thing is this plant was in the middle of the bed, The Catmint has pushed them almost out of existence.
Astilbe enjoying an afternoon sunbath.
Beardtongue Husker Red Penstemon will spread everywhere. Unfortunately, it does not attract Hummers like they said, but will spread via wind. Want some ?
The first of many clusters of Honeysuckle vine flowers to come. Another Hummer fav.
Yes, of course we have a plethora of Hosta’s. Perfect for our shady backyard.

Well that’s it for now. I hope you have enjoyed the view. I will post again when the Bee Balm flowers. I can’t wait for that to happen, nor can the Hummers.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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