Going Hiking ? Bring These Items With You !


There are some basic survival supplies that we should all carry with us at all times when hitting the trails.

This is true for all hikes regardless of distance. These survival items don’t take up much space and can be carried in a small pack.

Just like in most areas of life, no one ever plans on bad things happening.

I feel that it’s always best to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not be prepared!

First Aid Kit

It’s extremely easy to become injured while hiking at all levels of experience. Make sure to have a basic first aid kit with you at all times.

You can either purchase a small first aid kit like this one or even throw together one of your own.

There are many great ideas for making your own kit on Pinterest. I suggest adding bug repellent wipes or spray into your first aid kit as well.

Sun Protection

Make sure to put sunscreen on before heading out—even on cloudy days—as well as carrying some with you to re-apply throughout the day.

Wear a hat and clothing that protects your skin.

There are plenty of breathable options that help with protection while still keeping you cool.

Don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun!

I know this one may not seem so “life saving” but think long term!

Water and Water Filtration

Make sure to carry plenty of water with you along with something to purify water in case of an emergency.

I recommend something like LifeStraw Personal Water Filter or Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System.

Water purification tablets are also a great product to carry as they are affordable and lightweight.

The Katadyn Micropur MP1 Purification Tablets are highly recommended.


Paracord Bracelet

Rope is one of those items that can really help you out if you’re in a bind (see what I did there).

If you aren’t familiar with it, paracord is an excellent “rope” to bring with you.

There are several wearable items, such as a paracord bracelet, which is perfect for hiking.

This one by Nexfinity One is pretty cool as it checks several of the items on this list.

It is made from 10 feet of 550 lb. paracord, a fire starter, illumination, whistle, compass, knife, and multi-tool.

You can also find some great tutorials on making your own paracord bracelet.

For more information on paracord, survival uses of paracord, and wearable items made of paracord click here.


Make sure to always carry snacks with you.

I suggest foods that hold and pack well, such as energy bars, trail mix, dried fruit, nuts, jerky, etc.

There are also plenty of items sold specifically for hiking and backpacking but I prefer to just throw my own together as they can become quite costly.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of those items that is extremely versatile.

It can be used for binding, blisters, making rope, fixing cracked water bottle, bandages, mending clothing, packs, and boots, etc.

They sell small rolls (like this) specifically for hiking/backpacking.

You can also buy a normal sized roll and wrap some around the handle of a flashlight, hiking stick, water bottle, or lighter to keep you from having to carry the whole roll.

Emergency Blanket/Sleeping Bag

Emergency blankets have come a long way in the last several years. I recommend something like this Mezonn PE emergency sleeping bag.

It is small, lightweight and can be attached to the outside of your pack. This item is reusable, tear resistant, bright colored, and waterproof.

There are multiple uses besides the obvious warmth.

It can be used as an emergency signal, rain protection, ground cover, water collector, shelter, etc. and could be a serious factor in your survival.


A headlamp is an important item to carry at all times.

If you get lost or have to be out past dark, having something hands free to illuminate your path is a must.

I recommend a waterproof, LED headlamp such as this one that also offers SOS flashing to signal help.

Fire Starter

Always carry a waterproof fire starter when you are on the trails. A butane lighter or waterproof matches are the easiest option.

I would also recommend carrying something you can easily ignite such as, dry tinder, fire starter, candles, or even compact dryer lint.

Carry it in a plastic or dry bag to make sure it stays dry in all situations.


A compass is a must as it can be easy to get turned around in the wild. Make sure to get a high quality compass.

There are plenty of electronics you can use as well but I recommend carrying a good old fashioned compass at all times.

You can never be positive that your electronics won’t fail you, get damaged, or run out of battery.

Knife or Multi-Tool

I always carry a knife (at minimum) or a multi-tool (even better). You never know when you may need one!

There are plenty of great multi-tools out there ranging from $10 to all the way over $100 and all can serve a great purpose in a survival situation.

Extra Layer of Clothing

It’s a great idea to always carry an extra layer of clothing with you. This is especially true if you’re hiking in an area with drastic temperature changes.


A whistle is a great emergency tool for hiking. The sound carries further than your voice and is much less tiresome than yelling.

It works in an emergency situation to call for help as well as to locate the rest of your group if you were to get separated.

There are plenty of great options that you can hook directly to your pack. For something so light, it doesn’t make sense not to carry one with you.

Safe and Happy Hiking!

Article written by Christy of adventuresbyamom.com

Author: Dennis Hickey

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