Chicago: 104 BLM: 0

104, that’s how any people were shot in Chicago last weekend. Of those shot, 14 were killed, including 5 children. This is the same city that has a black mayor, and a black chief of police. What the city doesn’t have, but surely needs, is BLM.

Where are you guys ? Marching somewhere safe, I suppose. Going to build another safe zone for yourselves. In some safe city, I suppose. Going to preach to us, how much you matter ? While you hide away someplace safe, there’s some real discrimination happening. Not white against black. Try black against black. Discrimination and killing.

I challenge you to get your caravans together, from all over the country, and come to Chicago. I dare you to establish a safe zone in Chicago’s West Side. I dare you to disrupt the flow of drug trafficking that goes on there. Just be prepared for some serious discrimination. And it won’t be from us whites.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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