5 Easy DIY Ideas for Your Ho-Hum Terra-Cotta Pots

Want a fun weekend project? Dress up your terra-cotta pots! HGTV Magazine has some DIY ideas.

Add a Decal

Paint the pot with paint and let dry. Apply a face decal to the front of the pot, following the package instructions.

Stencil a Pattern

Attach the stencil to the pot with repositionable spray mount and pieces of delicate-surface painter’s tape. You may have to cut the stencil into a couple of pieces to help it adhere to the rounded surface. Fill in the stencil with paint. Let dry slightly, then remove and reposition the stencil pieces. Fill in, repeating until the entire pot is covered. Let dry.

Layer on Fringe

Starting at the bottom, hot-glue rows of fringe to the pot, layering each additional row on top of the previous one as you go.

Ombré It

Working from the top down, divide the planter into three equal sections — use a pencil to lightly mark dashes around the circumference. Spray-paint the top part. Then spray-paint the middle section with a different color, slightly overlapping the area you just painted. Repeat for the third section with another shade. Let dry.

Wrap It With Rope 

Starting at the bottom, wrap rope (we used cotton clothesline) around the pot, securing with hot glue as you go. When you get to the top, wrap a few rows on the inside, too. Then paint a pattern on the rope. Use painter’s tape to mark off the design you want to paint. Lightly outline it in pencil, remove the tape and fill in with paint. Let dry.

Photo credit: Philip Friedman


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