20 Father’s Day Gifts for the Dad Who has Everything

Article written by BY AMANDA GARRITY for Good Housekeeping

Sure, he says he wants nothing … but he hasn’t seen these clever ideas yet.

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The man in your life doesn’t need another button-down. Or tie. Or picture frame. Instead, your hard-to-shop-for dad deserves a unique Father’s Day gift that’s just as creative and thoughtful as he is. That’s why you should ditch your original (er, boring) Father’s Day plan and give your special guy — dad, grandpafather-in-law, or any other man who has shaped your life — one of these top-rated gift ideas, ranging from all-day experiences to best-selling, quick-to-ship Amazon finds. Even if your dad says that he doesn’t want anything (or worse, already has everything), you’ll find a few picks on this list that’ll surprise and delight him on his special day. And if you choose right, you might even bring the (happy) tears, which is a big win in our eyes.

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Indoor Skydiving

Since dad always reminds you that the sky’s the limit, see if he practices what he preaches with two flights in a vertical wind tunnel. It’ll feel like the real thing minus the plane, parachute, and panic.

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The Bacon Crate

The only thing better than a downing a plate full of crispy, greasy bacon is receiving a crate full of it. This pre-packaged set is stuffed with different kinds of bacon, including complementary jam, brittle, and seasoning. 

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Custom Pet Portrait

Let’s face it, you know that dad’s pup is really his favorite “kid.” Send one of the many dog photos he sends you to this Etsy seller, and they’ll make a custom print, complete with his best buddy’s name. 



Matchbox Father Son Matching Shirts

Dad and his kids will get a kick out of these interactive t-shirts. Each gift set comes with a two shirts (one for dad, one for his buddy), a matchbox car, and a “World’s Best Dad” certificate. Who needs a race track anyway?!


So that’s 4 idea’s, only 16 more to peruse at:


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