Wedding Trends That Are In For 2020

Wedding Trends article by  Linda DiProperzio, a weddings expert and freelance writer based in New York.

Note:  This article was written in December 2019 before the virus emerged.  However, most trends listed are doable given todays restriction.

The New Year is coming up soon, and it will bring a fresh crop of hot trends that both wedding planners and vendors predict will help any couple’s big day stand out. From bridal fashion and florals to cocktails and desserts, here is a list of the 11 biggest wedding trends to watch out for in 2020.

1. Smaller Weddings

Having weddings under 50 people is becoming increasingly more common, as well as eloping or marrying abroad, says Elizabeth Babinski of Liz Rae Weddings.

2. Customization

This is a big trend, according to Whitney Cox of Vegas Weddings. “Couples want a wedding that is uniquely ‘them,’ and they don’t mind switching up traditions to create a personalized event.

5. Crystal Touches

Crystal wedding accessories are the newest unique wedding trend, say the pros at Fawn & Sparrow. “Ethereal brides are choosing natural crystal gemstones to incorporate into their modern weddings– with everything from the cake, favors, and hair accessories getting the mystical crystal touch!


6. Dessert Tables

“A bountiful buffet table withdesserts can make you feel like a kid again-and it’s a great thing to pick up on your way tothe dance floor,” says Anthony Cuellar, Catering Chef de Cuisine, Wente Vineyards. “Couples are seeking desserts that have meaning–whether it represent theirculture, country or hometown.”


7. DIY Cocktail Stations
José Rolón of José Rolón Events tells couples to expect to see more make-your-own cocktail stations.

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